Day 4: Teamwork

Time after time.

Brad Phillips
2 min readJan 4, 2021
Photo by CHUTTERSNAP on Unsplash

If your household is anything like mine, the Holiday Season is a consistent reminder of the wholesome perfection that is “The Great British Baking Show.” Days without an agenda will inevitably lead us towards the couch. Emanating from the cushions, a siren’s call is trumpeting a promise of delectable delights and delightful banter.

Much of the magic of the show for me is rooted in the humanity and fruitless search for perfection that the contestants all endeavor during the various challenges. I’ll often imagine myself in the kitchen trying my hand at a from-scratch chocolate cake, or homemade doughnuts as I’m watching them come together on screen. These imaginings are apt to simmer and spill over into idle chatter with my wife about how we should gather a few recipes and have a proper baking show day.

Yesterday, from within the contents of a wonderful recipe book I’ve received as a gift this past Holiday, we decided to have a proper go at a batch of “Chocolate and Pear Galettes!”

Being the designated cook of our household, I’m fairly well-adjusted to the process of following directions and monitoring the progress of several things at once as everything aims to meet at a finished and and ready-to-eat final product. What was atypical and very special on this occasion was having my wife alongside me in the journey of preparing the dessert. No challenge can stand against a true partnership.

The impact and significance of time is difficult to fully illustrate. We spend much of our individual moments submerged as we’re navigating life’s daily obstacles. If we forget to pop our heads up above the surface and take in some fresh air and perspective, it can be truly suffocating.

Those galettes never knew what hit ’em. We were in the kitchen working like a well-oiled machine; processing hazelnuts, chopping dark chocolate, slicing pears, mixing dry ingredients and combining with wet. I felt like an octopus! Next thing I know, the treats are out of the oven, and we’re back to our couch appreciating our efforts and imagining that handshake from Paul Hollywood.

I’m grateful for teamwork and for the dividends of time.



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