Day 1: Dogs

A clean slate is a magical thing.

Brad Phillips
2 min readJan 1, 2021


City Street Close Up at Sunrise by Thom Bradley

His name is Bubba, and he’s a bottomless well of joy and curiosity.

As we’re both approaching two years of knowing each other, I find it nearly impossible to imagine my daily existence without the responsibility that comes with being a primary caretaker of a dependent being. There are the walks, where I accompany him as he inspects our perimeter and ensures everything is in it’s right place. Try as I may to ensure him that all is as it should be, Bubba doesn’t believe in what he can’t verify with his own senses.

As a result of his inquisitiveness, those senses are frequently bombarded with new information: a thorn from a rose bush, the alien physics of a birthday balloon inexplicably clinging to a mailbox, or the passing adulation of what briefly sounded like a human but strangely appeared in the form of a shining mechanical monstrosity barreling around the street corner.

Bubba’s curiosity remains in spite of these unknowable sensations, save for exceptionally rare occasions. Last night, as an example, there were explosions in the sky! Bubba couldn’t get home quickly enough.

You’d be forgiven in assuming that the sounds of the world seemingly coming to an end might result in a deep and profound anxiety. For my Bubba, though, each day is truly a new day.

This afternoon, I returned from a short errand away from our house and found Bubba awaiting with near unbridled enthusiasm. We have a ritual in this circumstance, where we’ll call out to each other in greeting from across the room until one of us is too excited to stay away. When we eventually meet, the happiest of happy dances ensues.

As I was dancing with him today, I thought of the magic of a clean slate. Seen through Bubba’s eyes, each and every moment is brand new and filled with possibilities.

I have a dog, and he’s reminded me to be grateful for new beginnings.



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